Buying Things

Buying things is a consumer-oriented, supremely American solution to fixing a problem, and a way to avoid stress for elected officials, staff, or citizens – which is why it is so happily and enthusiastically advocated by so many. Boulder regularly buys bike facilities, pedestrian facilities, and transit facilities — almost to the exclusion of any of the effective transportation objectives. And Boulder is putting substantial effort into encouraging people to buy electric cars and (eventually) self-driving cars, even though these “tech” solutions promise to address only a very small number of motor vehicle problems Boulder must contend with.

About Dom Nozzi

Urban designer, Complete Streets instructor, smart growth specialist, town planner, walkable streets and bikeable streets and trails specialist, writer, editor, public speaker, world adventurer, skier, kayaker, SCUBA diver, bicyclist, hiker, dancer, book reader, cook, urbanist.
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